Hello, wonderful Wellings residents. 

As the breezes of March whisk through, bringing with them the whispers of spring, we find ourselves on the Saturday before one of the most spirited celebrations of the year – St. Patrick’s Day. 

And who says it’s just the young or the Irish who get to have all the fun? 

We’ve got a pot full of activities and ideas to ensure St. Patrick’s Day is as magical and memorable for us at the Wellings as finding a four-leaf clover in our backyard.

  1. Parade Participation – Virtually or Locally

Nothing screams St. Patrick’s Day quite like a parade. Whether we attend a local one or watch a grand parade virtually from cities known for their St. Paddy’s Day festivities, let’s immerse ourselves in this beautiful day’s vibrant greens, lively music, and joyous dancing.

  1. Dancing to the Rhythms of Ireland

Fancy a jig or a reel? Let’s move our coffee tables aside and learn an Irish step dance in our living room. Plenty of beginner-friendly tutorials are online; we could put on a show for our friends and family over a video call! It’s all in good fun, and laughter is guaranteed.

  1. Melodies from the Emerald Isle

From the hauntingly beautiful strains of Celtic Woman to the rollicking tunes of traditional Irish folk music, let’s fill our homes with the sounds of Ireland. Music can transport us, so why not let it take us on a journey to Ireland’s lush landscapes and rugged coastlines?

  1. Brain-Boosting Trivia Night

Why not host a St. Patrick’s Day trivia night? With categories ranging from Irish history to famous Irish legends and landmarks, we can test our knowledge and learn something new. It’s a fantastic way to engage our brains and share a laugh.

  1. Crafting Green

Let’s get our hands busy with some St. Patrick’s Day crafts. From green necklaces to rainbow portraits, crafting is not just a way to celebrate; it’s a way to express our creativity and add a personal touch to our decorations.

  1. A Scavenger Hunt for the Young at Heart

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Hide some leprechaun cutouts or pots of gold around our community or homes, and let the games begin. It’s a beautiful way to add a bit of adventure to the day.

  1. Cooking Up a Storm

From baking shamrock-shaped cookies to whipping up a traditional Irish stew, cooking is a delicious way to dive into the celebrations. Sharing these treats with friends and neighbors (while donning a chef’s hat with a shamrock) can add to the fun.

  1. Hosting a Green Happy Hour

Let’s raise our glasses (filled with green punch or shamrock shakes) to good health and happiness. Hosting a happy hour, even virtually, can bring us all together in spirit and cheers.

  1. Decking the Halls in Green

Why spruce up our spaces with green decorations, shamrocks, and perhaps even a leprechaun hat? It’s a simple way to bring the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day into our homes.

  1. Crafting with Loved Ones

For those of us with grandchildren or young visitors, spending an afternoon crafting can be a joyous way to bond. Whether it’s simple shamrock hats or green bead necklaces, these activities are fun and keepsakes.

Let’s make the most of this St. Patrick’s Day at the Wellings by engaging in these delightful activities. Whether we’re dancing, baking, crafting, or simply enjoying the music, there’s no end to how we can celebrate. So, let’s don our greenest attire, embrace our inner leprechauns, and spread some joy and laughter around. After all, we’ve all got a bit of Irish in us on St. Patrick’s Day.

Sláinte to a day filled with fun, laughter, and the warmth of community! 🌈🍀


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