Clever Riddles to Brighten Your Day

Hello, dear Members of The Wellings! 

Today, we’re exploring a delightful medley of riddles and brainteasers that promise to add a little fun to your day. 

So, please grab a cup of tea, settle in, and let’s unravel these puzzles together.

What rocks but does not roll?

A rocking chair.

My voice is tender, my waist is slender, and I’m often invited to play. Yet wherever I go, I must take my bow, or else I have nothing to say. What am I?

A violin.

First, I am dry, and then I am wet. The longer I swim, the more taste you get. What am I? 


A man stands on one side of a river, his dog on the other. The man calls his dog, who immediately crosses the river without getting wet or using a bridge or a boat. How did the dog do it?

The river was frozen.

A doctor and a bus driver are in love with the same woman, an attractive girl named Juliet. The bus driver has to go on a long bus trip that will last a week. Before he leaves, he gives Juliet seven apples. Why?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him underwater for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later, they go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner. How can this be?

The woman was a photographer. She shot a picture of her husband, developed it, and hung it up to dry.

Until I am measured, I am not known. Yet you miss me, when I have flown. What am I?


There is a word in English in which the first two letters signify a male, the first three letters signify a female, the first four signify a great man, and the whole word a great woman. What is the word?


I left my campsite and hiked south for 3 miles. Then I turned east and hiked for 3 miles. I then turned north and hiked for 3 miles, seeing a bear inside my tent eating my food! What color was the bear?

White, since the only place you can do that is the North Pole, white polar bears are the only bears living there. 

Also, if you walk south, east, north, and end up back where you started. You must be near the North Pole. This is because, at the geographic North Pole, any southward movement eventually leads to a circular path around the pole (due to the curvature of the Earth and its convergence at the poles). After moving east (which, near the pole, is moving in a circle around the pole), turning and moving north brings you back to the starting point.

Turn me on my side, and I am everything. Cut me in half, and I am nothing. What am I? 

The number 8.

No matter how little or how much you use me, you change me every month. What am I?

A calendar.

How can 8 + 8 = 4?

When you think in terms of time. 8 AM + 8 hours= 4 o’clock.

As we wrap up our session of brain teasers, I hope you found joy and a bit of mental gymnastics in today’s riddles. 

Whether you solve them quickly or ponder them over tea, these playful puzzles are an excellent way to keep your mind sharp and your spirits high.

Remember, every day at The Wellings is a chance to learn something new and share a smile with our neighbors.

We look forward to bringing you more fun and games next time. 

Until then, keep those gears turning and enjoy every delightful moment at The Wellings!

The Remarkable Journey Home: A Tale of Hope and Reunion

In the heart of a quiet neighbourhood lived an elderly woman named Mrs. Ellie and her adventurous cat, Whiskers. 

Whiskers, a curious soul with a distinctive white fur over his mouth, embarked on an unexpected journey that led him far from home. His absence left a void in Mrs. Ellie’s heart, prompting a neighbourhood-wide search for the beloved pet.

After weeks of worry and longing, a faint meow from the old oak tree in Mrs. Ellie’s backyard signaled the end of Whiskers’ grand adventure and the beginning of a heartwarming reunion. Mrs. Ellie found Whiskers entangled in the branches, a little worse for wear but safe. 

The joy of their reunion echoed throughout the neighbourhood, a testament to hope and the unbreakable bond between a pet and their human: 

All celebrated Whiskers’ return, a reminder of the love and community spirit that binds us together.

This tale of adventure, hope, and reunion highlights the remarkable journeys pets sometimes take and the joyous moments when they find their way back home.

Here are a few other heartwarming stories of pets and their incredible journeys back to loving homes. 

Let us explore these tales of happy reunions:

A Journey Across Miles: Discover the story of a dog who traveled hundreds of miles to reunite with its family, overcoming numerous obstacles. Read more here.

The Cat Who Came Back: Read about a cat that returned to its family after being lost for over a year. This story celebrates the resilience of pets and the miracles that sometimes bring them back to us. Read more here.

Each of these stories is a beacon of hope for those still searching for their lost pets, reminding us of the incredible journeys our animal companions can have and the joyous reunions that await.

Remember, while the journey might be long and filled with uncertainty, the possibility of a happy reunion is always there, lighting the way home.

Welcome home, furry friend, welcome home!

The Power of Wonder and Awe

Do you remember that feeling as a child, when you saw the Christmas tree for the first time during the holiday season? Maybe it was your first flight or seeing your child or grandchild for the first time that made you feel something beyond words, something that transcends everyday life. It’s a feeling that we describe as awe or wonder; it’s magic that leaves an imprint.

Although we each have our own precious moments of awe and wonder, we are inclined to leave it to the world to bring these special moments to us. Recently I visited Canada’s National Gallery where it’s pretty much non-stop wonder for me. Visiting the aboriginal exhibit, seeing how early craftspeople made tools and garments leaves me feeling overwhelmed because their resourcefulness and skills are so impressive. Seeing the work of Canadian artists who capture the essence of a boreal forest with colours that don’t exist in nature, but they convince us otherwise leaves me speechless. We are swept up in wonder; as we participate in this creative connection and we allow ourselves to step away from our ruminating mind, to stand in awe. I love to visit the National Gallery because I know that I’ll be inspired to look at life differently.

“The key to a wonderful life is to never stop wandering into wonder.” – Suzy Kassem (writer)

Think of a wedding, where family and friends gather to celebrate love between two people. It’s such a joyful and powerful experience for those in attendance, often moving them to shed happy tears. That’s awe and wonder in action. Sometimes watching a sunrise or a sunset can inspire a strong emotional response. We can call that everyday wonder because these events happen every day. Research tells us that nourishing awe and wonder in our lives is a healthy coping tool, often strengthening our connection with others when we share the experience.

Being in nature is not only awe inspiring, its medicine for us humans. Japanese culture promotes forest bathing or shinrin-yoku, shinrin: forest and yoku: bathing, where people are encouraged to experience the wonder of nature without distraction, walk at a slow pace and notice their surroundings. The benefits of this practice include improved immunity, lung, and heart function as well as memory, and focus. Forest bathing is an excellent antidote for stress and anxiety and is helpful with recovery from injury.

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” -Stephen Hawking (Cosmologist)

I’m old enough to remember dial telephones and party lines. I love those experiments where they put young kids in front of a dial telephone and ask them if they know how it works. Most of the time they have no idea and that’s just to demonstrate how far we’ve come and how quickly technology has been evolving.  I asked Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence language model that has been trained to produce human-like text, to tell me how a rotary phone works and in seconds I had a pretty thorough explanation. While Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of mankind’s greatest achievements, it comes with plenty of warnings. While we need to embrace technology to stay relevant, as a society, we need to be cautious around its use. Sure, it can respond to questions effectively and efficiently, but I wonder who’s curating the information being shared. I wonder about AI’s impact on our workforce, but I don’t doubt the positive impact it can and will have in our world.

“You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of wonder and discovery and always challenge yourself to try new things.”  – Nate Berkus (designer)

To be alive today is to live in an era of wonder. We’ve witnessed some of mankind’s greatest successes but we’re also experiencing some detrimental effects from some of these great accomplishments. Because so many of us are connected to our devices, there’s a loneliness epidemic and while there are and will be many innovations to help connect us as humans, nothing is better than human to human connection. At least for now, there’s no heart and soul in what Chat GPT produces and this is what we humans require. Let’s embrace these technological innovations with a beginner’s mindset and not get disillusioned because while change is inevitable, our world is a pretty remarkable place. Let’s choose an approach of wonder and awe about it instead of deciding to be afraid of it.

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein

Let’s be life-long learners, excellent students of wonder and awe in our every day. As corny as it may sound, there’s magic in seeing the beauty in nature: watching a bird feeding or flying, noticing the intricacies in a flower and marveling at it all. See all your life as the miracle it is and take your sense of wonder with you wherever you go and hopefully you’ll inspire others to do the same.

Choose a 55+ Adult Lifestyle Community That Fits Your Lifestyle

Choosing an adult lifestyle community is a significant decision that goes beyond the physical amenities. 

It involves considering the overall feel and atmosphere of the community and whether or not they align with your vision for your future. 

A community will not be all things to all people, so knowing its most important aspects is essential for thriving. 

We always suggest working on this before you visit any communities and understanding through conversation with us or the community leasing specialist; more may be added to your list!

We hope you will seek a community that isn’t just a collection of homes or apartments but a living, breathing entity fostering belonging and connection.

Here are some key factors we suggest you consider:

Sense of Community: 

Let’s face it: if you are considering a community setting, most likely it’s because you want more connection with a diverse group of people in a similar life stage. We often hear, “My neighbours get me.” This cultivates a feeling of togetherness; knowing that you are not alone and that the people you are meeting also share a sense of life and wisdom about them can be comforting. 

Social Activities: Look for a community that offers a variety of social activities and events and whether or not you can do member-led activities of your own. This fosters a sense of belonging and encourages residents to connect while recognizing that everyone brings a hobby they may want to share with the community.

Community Spaces: Check for communal areas like clubhouses, lounges, or activity spaces where residents can gather and interact. Are they clean and large enough for the community you are considering, and would you be proud to have a friend join you?

Wellness and Health Focus:

Fitness Facilities: Assess the availability and quality of fitness facilities or opportunities within the community, such as gyms, walking paths, or recreational areas. Check if there are classes and if they are available for your fitness level.

Health Services: Consider the proximity to healthcare facilities and the availability of health services within or near the community.

Accessibility and Safety:

Ease of Navigation: Ensure the community is designed with accessibility, elevators, and well-maintained pathways for easy navigation. Can you access the common spaces and use your suite fully if you have a walker?

Safety Measures: Inquire about safety features such as security systems, well-lit areas, and emergency response protocols.

Lifestyle Options:

Housing Options: Look for a community offering plenty of different designs that appeal to singles & couples. This will help create a more diverse community dynamic.

Cultural and Recreational Opportunities: Consider the availability of cultural and recreational activities that align with your interests and hobbies.

Surrounding Environment:

Natural Elements: Assess the incorporation of natural elements like green spaces, parks, or water features that contribute to a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Proximity to Amenities: Consider the convenience of nearby amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, and cultural venues. In smaller towns, are the roads easily navigated, and how far are the nearest services?

Engagement and Inclusivity:

Community Engagement Programs: Inquire about programs encouraging resident involvement and community engagement. Our Wellings programming encourages many member-led activities, as they are encouraged to be extensions of their lifestyle goals.

Inclusivity: Ensure the community embraces diversity and inclusivity, creating an environment where all residents feel welcome.

Management and Services:

Professional Management: Evaluate the professionalism of community management. Wellings managers are focused on maintaining their communities, addressing any concerns promptly, participating in activities, and bringing fun to the community. 

Maintenance and Services: Consider the quality of maintenance services and the availability of convenient services for residents. 

Feedback from Residents:

Talk to Current Residents: Speak to current residents to get firsthand insights into their experiences and the overall feel of the community. Ask if you can join the community for supper to understand the food. 

Future Planning:

Long-Term Sustainability: No one wants to move more than necessary. Assess the community’s plans for the future, ensuring they are well-maintained and have a vision for long-term sustainability.

By carefully considering these factors, you can better understand the overall feel of an adult lifestyle community and determine whether it aligns with your preferences and lifestyle goals now and in the future.

Embarking on the journey to choose an adult lifestyle community is like navigating the pages of a captivating novel—one where each chapter unfolds a unique aspect of what could become your next home. 

We would proudly introduce you to our resident ambassadors and lead you through our beautiful Wellings Communities. 

The choice is yours, and we would love to help you make an informed decision and gather whatever facts you need to do just that.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the Wellings 🍀

Hello, wonderful Wellings residents. 

As the breezes of March whisk through, bringing with them the whispers of spring, we find ourselves on the Saturday before one of the most spirited celebrations of the year – St. Patrick’s Day. 

And who says it’s just the young or the Irish who get to have all the fun? 

We’ve got a pot full of activities and ideas to ensure St. Patrick’s Day is as magical and memorable for us at the Wellings as finding a four-leaf clover in our backyard.

  1. Parade Participation – Virtually or Locally

Nothing screams St. Patrick’s Day quite like a parade. Whether we attend a local one or watch a grand parade virtually from cities known for their St. Paddy’s Day festivities, let’s immerse ourselves in this beautiful day’s vibrant greens, lively music, and joyous dancing.

  1. Dancing to the Rhythms of Ireland

Fancy a jig or a reel? Let’s move our coffee tables aside and learn an Irish step dance in our living room. Plenty of beginner-friendly tutorials are online; we could put on a show for our friends and family over a video call! It’s all in good fun, and laughter is guaranteed.

  1. Melodies from the Emerald Isle

From the hauntingly beautiful strains of Celtic Woman to the rollicking tunes of traditional Irish folk music, let’s fill our homes with the sounds of Ireland. Music can transport us, so why not let it take us on a journey to Ireland’s lush landscapes and rugged coastlines?

  1. Brain-Boosting Trivia Night

Why not host a St. Patrick’s Day trivia night? With categories ranging from Irish history to famous Irish legends and landmarks, we can test our knowledge and learn something new. It’s a fantastic way to engage our brains and share a laugh.

  1. Crafting Green

Let’s get our hands busy with some St. Patrick’s Day crafts. From green necklaces to rainbow portraits, crafting is not just a way to celebrate; it’s a way to express our creativity and add a personal touch to our decorations.

  1. A Scavenger Hunt for the Young at Heart

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Hide some leprechaun cutouts or pots of gold around our community or homes, and let the games begin. It’s a beautiful way to add a bit of adventure to the day.

  1. Cooking Up a Storm

From baking shamrock-shaped cookies to whipping up a traditional Irish stew, cooking is a delicious way to dive into the celebrations. Sharing these treats with friends and neighbors (while donning a chef’s hat with a shamrock) can add to the fun.

  1. Hosting a Green Happy Hour

Let’s raise our glasses (filled with green punch or shamrock shakes) to good health and happiness. Hosting a happy hour, even virtually, can bring us all together in spirit and cheers.

  1. Decking the Halls in Green

Why spruce up our spaces with green decorations, shamrocks, and perhaps even a leprechaun hat? It’s a simple way to bring the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day into our homes.

  1. Crafting with Loved Ones

For those of us with grandchildren or young visitors, spending an afternoon crafting can be a joyous way to bond. Whether it’s simple shamrock hats or green bead necklaces, these activities are fun and keepsakes.

Let’s make the most of this St. Patrick’s Day at the Wellings by engaging in these delightful activities. Whether we’re dancing, baking, crafting, or simply enjoying the music, there’s no end to how we can celebrate. So, let’s don our greenest attire, embrace our inner leprechauns, and spread some joy and laughter around. After all, we’ve all got a bit of Irish in us on St. Patrick’s Day.

Sláinte to a day filled with fun, laughter, and the warmth of community! 🌈🍀

The Joy of Pet Besties for Seniors: Furry Friends for Golden Years At The Wellings

We have a special place in our hearts for pets. Many of our members have discovered the joy and companionship of having a furry friend by their side. These pet besties are more than just animals; they are cherished companions who bring laughter, comfort, and a sense of well-being to our lives. As we navigate through the golden years, the presence of these adorable companions can transform everyday moments into treasures of happiness and companionship. Let’s explore the delightful world of pet besties for seniors at The Wellings and see how these furry friends can make the golden years even more golden.

The Unbreakable Bond

The bond between seniors and their pets is extraordinary. Whether it’s a dog’s wagging tail greeting you at the door or a cat’s purring comfort during a quiet afternoon, these moments create a connection that goes beyond words. Pets have a way of understanding and providing simple and profound comfort. They become confidants, exercise buddies, and sources of endless entertainment, especially for the members at The Wellings, where pets are an integral part of the community.

Health Benefits Galore

The benefits of having a pet in your senior years stretch far beyond companionship. Walking a dog encourages physical activity, essential for maintaining mobility and heart health. The routines required in pet care also promote mental sharpness and provide structure to everyday life. Moreover, the presence of a pet can significantly reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, and even decrease feelings of loneliness. At The Wellings, we see firsthand pets’ positive impact on our members’ health and well-being.

A Boost to Social Life

Pets are incredible social catalysts. Walking a dog in the park or attending a pet-friendly event can lead to interactions and conversations that might not happen otherwise. For seniors, especially those who live alone or are introverted, pets can open doors to new friendships and community connections, enriching their social lives in unexpected and delightful ways. The Wellings community thrives on these connections, making it a vibrant place to live for humans and their pets.

Choosing the Perfect Pet Bestie

When choosing a pet, it’s important to consider lifestyle, mobility, and personal preferences. Smaller dog breeds like Shih Tzus or Poodles are remarkable for their manageable size and affectionate nature. With their independent streak and low-maintenance care, cats are perfect for those who enjoy quieter companionship. For those with limited space or physical limitations, birds or fish can provide companionship without needing walks or intense physical care. At The Wellings, we support our members in finding the perfect pet that matches their lifestyle and needs.

Stories of Furry Friendship

Imagine the story of John, a 75-year-old widower at The Wellings, who found a new lease on life with Max, a cheerful Labrador. Their daily walks in the park brought John new friends and a renewed enthusiasm for life. Or consider Mary, who adopted a pair of kittens, finding laughter in their playful antics and comfort in their quiet presence during the evenings.

Embracing the Journey Together

Pet besties for seniors at The Wellings are more than just animals; they are partners in navigating the journey of the golden years. They bring laughter, love, and a sense of purpose, making every day brighter and more meaningful. In embracing the companionship of a pet, our members not only enhance their own lives but also provide a loving home for animals in need. It’s a beautiful partnership that celebrates life, companionship, and pets’ unconditional love. So here’s to the members of The Wellings and their furry besties. May their days be filled with joy, laughter, and cuddling!

Reinventing yourself is a Valuable Investment with a Great Return

We’re into the second month of 2024 and people are already breaking the New Year’s resolutions they made a month ago. In my humble opinion, New Year’s resolutions are a weak plan that serves to make us feel bad, when we don’t see quick results. How about we try a different angle? Instead of overwhelming ourselves with commitments that make us feel like we’re not enough, how about we focus on reinvention, which concentrates on shifting out parts of ourselves that are no longer serving us. Too many people stick with the limited notion that this is just how I am and who I am, take it or leave it, which is fine if it makes you feel good, but I think it reflects another limiting belief that we don’t have the capacity to reinvent ourselves. 

Here’s some great news: you can choose where you want to remodel your lifestyle, your friends list, your thinking habits and begin laying the groundwork for the next great chapter in your life. We humans are far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. Yes, changing something in our lives so that we improve ourselves and our circumstances may feel uncomfortable, but the reward is considerable.

Has anyone ever told you that you can do anything? If they did, do you believe it? Sometimes the idea that we can do anything we want frightens us because it’s such an abstract concept and so hard to feel that it could be real. Does it mean I can be an astronaut or live by the beach? Does it mean I can join a band or climb a mountain? Well, yes, yes, yes, and yes if you have the will, commitment, time, tenacity, and resources to devote yourself to making these projects your reality.  

Likely your first reaction to becoming an astronaut is to scoff at such an idea but before you do, consider that becoming an astronaut may not be for you and just let it go. Every one of us is in a unique life situation which I like to describe as being in our own lane. There’s only your lane for you and in that lane with your gifts and your skills is where your best crack at reinvention lies.

“If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.” – Ivan Turgenev (novelist, poet, playwright).

Some of industry’s most successful leaders talk about the challenge of getting buy-in from their staff when it comes to reinvention or change. It’s a well-researched fact that we humans don’t like change but think for a second and realize that the way we got to where we are as human beings is because of change. These same leaders of industry also talk about how to get their teams on side, when it comes to change. First, they say, as leaders, they must see the value in it and then they must keep it simple for their teams. When a big idea is simplified, it makes it easier for our busy thinking mind to grasp a fresh perspective. Our thinking mind is so good at coming up with all the reasons why we shouldn’t change anything. As CEO of your life, it’s important that you’re convinced that there’s value in reinvention and it’s key that you don’t overwhelm yourself with big sweeping change. Instead focus on small shifts so that you can remain accountable to your goal instead of feeling overwhelmed and slipping back into habits that no longer serve you.

“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.” -M. Scott Peck (psychiatrist, author)


Having clarity about what we want in whatever chapter of life we’re in and having goals for our future is key to successful reinvention. Often clarity emerges from us examining our discomfort or recognizing what we don’t want in our lives. If you’re a chronic complainer or find yourself in the company of complainers, at some point there’s a recognition that the habit of complaining never brings joy; it only brings more situations to complain about. Recognizing that this habit needs to shift out if you’re ever going to feel satisfied and joyful is a big step. We should always feel pleased with ourselves when we recognize habits that are no longer serving us and are working against our joy. Then, by having compassion for ourselves, we can begin to replace complaints with questions or compliments. These can be directed at ourselves by speaking kindly to and about ourselves, and can be addressed to those around us, so that we gradually ease our way out of the habit of complaining and into a mindset and an approach that invites more joy.

We should always be curious about the world we’re living in, regardless of age. The National Institute of Aging studied curiosity along with other factors such as physical health risks in a group of 1200 men over 65, to see if curiosity made any impact on the quality of their lives or their longevity; a similar study was done following 1000 women. The results showed a correlation between physical and psychological health in curious people and concluded that curiosity impacted longevity. The study also showed that curious people were better prepared to respond to challenges encountered as they age such as change in living arrangements or mobility.  Curious people displayed better coping skills with new experiences, were more adept at forging new friendships and were more resourceful when it came to problem solving.

“If you are not where you want to be, do not quit. Instead, reinvent yourself and change your habits.” Eric Thomas (pastor, author, speaker)

Do you find yourself spending too much time alone? Isolation and loneliness can have a serious impact on our physical and mental health, so if this sounds like you it’s time to look at how you can reinvent your lifestyle. Let’s use the example of volunteering to up level your life and provide meaning for you and impact for others. Begin with researching services, clubs and organizations in your community and find groups engaged in something that really interests you. Perhaps contact someone within the group to find out more information and invite a friend to investigate with you a little further in person. It won’t take long before you’ll know whether it’s for you. If it is for you, you’ve opened the door to potentially making new friends and of course being of service is rewarding all around. You’ve just expanded your circle, created connections, and enhanced your community. You’ve just reinvented yourself.

Free Your Spirit and Fill Your Soul

By: Natalie Tommy, with Sandy Sharkey

Deciding on artwork for our Wellings Communities is never easy, but we knew it had to capture the wild spirits and echo the lives of the people who would live with us.

Sandy Sharkey, an Ottawa photographer, captures these sentiments in almost every way.

Sandy is a visionary equine photographer based in the heart of Ottawa.

With a passion for capturing the majestic beauty and intimate connection between nature, humans, and horses, Sandy has carved a niche for herself as a trailblazer in the world of equine photography, with a specialty in wild horses. 

Her photos don’t just freeze moments; they tell stories of the profound bond shared between the world and horses.  

Her artistry goes beyond the conventional, delving into the rich tapestry of emotions, strength, and grace inherent in the equine world.

With a phone call and the big goal of bringing sentiments of freedom, friendship, strength, beauty, youthful exuberance, and playfulness to the walls of Wellings, we went to work.

The wild horses we selected symbolize various positive qualities, such as strength, freedom, and companionship. 

The imagery of horses can evoke positive emotions and associations, contributing to a sense of well-being and contentment. 

The collection I selected varies from bold, feisty stallions to what appears to be a community celebrating being free. 

Each one is unique and special.

You are welcome to view the collection in person at the Wellings of Stittsville; in the meantime, enjoy a few of our favorites here.

Wild Horses in a Snowstorm

Sandy Sharkey

There are spectacular wild horses living in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Alberta. Many people don’t know that the wild horses thrive and survive in this mountain setting just two hours north of Calgary. I was on my own one day, photographing a gorgeous herd when a snowstorm appeared. Of course I had to get one last shot before I retreated down the mountain. Such an honour to spend time with these wild horses existing in the raw beauty that is mother nature.

Power and Glory

Sandy Sharkey

The iconic white horses of the Camargue region of southern France are revered for their power and strength. Considered to be one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world, these horses have lived wild in the marshes and wetlands of the Rhone delta for centuries. To capture this shot, I knew I had to trust the horses galloping towards me. I was knee-deep in mud but didn’t budge as I felt their power just a few feet from me. Was I splattered with mud and salt water? Yep! Would I do it all over again? Absolutely.

Wild Mustangs in the Dust

Sandy Sharkey

Wild mustangs have lived in many parts of the American southwest for centuries. From the mountains of Montana to the forests of northern Arizona and the Nevada desert, wild mustangs are true survivors and the ultimate symbol of freedom. But they are no match for the heavy hand of mankind. Thousands of mustangs are removed from public lands each year and placed in holding facilities with an uncertain future. But this photo represents what can happen when people show compassion. This is a once-captured wild herd that has been reunited with it’s family band, and is again running as free as the wind. Photographed at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary in Lompoc California.

Dream Boy

Sandy Sharkey

Darkness was descending in the marshes of the Camargue region of southern France. I had spent the day photographing the iconic white horses that have lived in this area for centuries. I was beginning to pack up my camera gear when I turned around and saw this breathtaking stallion watching me with curiosity. There is always something special about making a connection with an animal, even for just a fleeting moment.

The Wild Ones

Sandy Sharkey

Just like humans, wild horses form close knit bonds. They can often be seen snuggled up together, nudging and grooming each other. The wild horses of Apache-Sitgreaves National US Forest in northern Arizona live amongst the tall pines and to encounter them in their forest home is nothing less than magical. Standing quite a distance away, I remained still and savoured this sweet moment between three wild ones.

On the Dunes

Sandy Sharkey

Located 300 kilometres east of Halifax in the Atlantic Ocean, Sable Island National Park Preserve is home to approximately 500 wild horses. Artists, authors, filmmakers and adventurers alike have been drawn to these legendary horses since the 18th Century. The wild horses of Sable Island are adored, respected, and enjoy full protection from the Canadian government. They are true survivors, adept at handling challenging conditions. I photographed these two stallions climbing a grassy sand dune to quench their thirst at a nearby freshwater pond.

The Stand Off

Sandy Sharkey

I have traveled around the world to photograph wild horses and have observed distinct differences in the horse herds from one geographical region to the next. But one thing remains a constant: boys will be boys. In the hierarchy of wild horse family bands, stallions for the most part co-exist with each other….until one stallion decides that HE deserves to be the band leader. A wild stallion skirmish doesn’t usually last long, but it always ends with a clear winner. Photographed in the Onaqui Mountain range of Utah’s Great Basin Desert.

Love Bite

Sandy Sharkey

If you spend a lot of time around horses, you get a window into their world. It is your reward for patience. Once you have the horse’s trust, special moments unfold. I was photographing the iconic white horses of the Camargue region in southern France when this stallion approached a mare and gave her a ‘love bite’. She obviously liked it, because they became inseparable….and I was fortunate to capture a sweet moment between a newly bonded couple.

Reflections of Sable Island

Sandy Sharkey

There is nothing quite like Canada’s remote Sable Island. Located 300 kilometres from Halifax in the Atlantic Ocean, Sable Island is home to the largest breeding population of grey seals and several species of seabirds. But the real stars of Sable Island are the free-spirited wild horses that have survived here since the 1700’s. With the swells of the Atlantic Ocean crashing to the shore behind them, this beautiful trio approached a peaceful inlet and created a beautiful reflection. I was fortunate to capture this magical moment.


Sandy Sharkey

Is it any wonder that the wild horses of Sable Island are so adored- not only by Canadians from coast to coast, but by horse lovers around the world. With a very limited number of visitors each year, Sable Island remains a pristine natural environment that offers everything the horses need to survive: vegetation, freshwater ponds, and tall dunes for shelter. The wild horses are fully protected. As always, it is important to keep our distance from the wild horses and to respect the fact that they have virtually no interaction with humans. I photographed this intimate moment from a distance of 30 metres. A gorgeous pair of horses living wild and free on Canada’s remote Sable Island.


Sandy Sharkey

As a wild horse photographer, my goal is to capture a moment in time. Whether it’s the high drama between two wild stallions, the first steps taken by a newborn wobbly foal, or the intimate connections that exist in wild horse family bands…I strongly feel that photography has the power to educate, inform, and enlighten. When we learn about the sentient lives of animals and see that their world is no different from ours, we are encouraged to add our voices for their protection. In 2010, more than 1700 wild horses were rounded up, separated and removed from the only home they ever knew: the wilderness in Nevada’s Calico Mountains. But humanity shone a light and the surviving wild horses were rescued by ‘Return to Freedom’ Wild Horse Sanctuary in Lompoc California. Safe from harm, these two wild horses were among those re-united. It was an honour to capture this moment.

Choosing Gratitude Over Jealousy: A Path to True Joy

In pursuing happiness, we often find ourselves at a crossroads: jealousy or gratitude. 

While the former can seem deceptively alluring, promising motivation and a sense of comparative achievement, the latter leads to lasting joy and fulfillment. 

I will dive into why choosing gratitude over jealousy can improve our lives.

The Trap of Jealousy

At its core, jealousy reflects our insecurities and unfulfilled desires. It’s easy to look at someone else’s life – their successes, possessions, or lifestyle – and feel envy. However, this emotion is more destructive than it is constructive. It roots us in a mindset of scarcity and competition, where our self-worth is measured against others.

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude, on the other hand, shifts our focus from what we lack to what we possess. It’s about recognizing and appreciating the value of our own life experiences, relationships, and achievements. When we practice gratitude, we open ourselves to experiencing joy in the present moment, appreciating life’s small victories and simple pleasures.

Practical Steps Towards Gratitude

Personal Inventory: Start by taking stock of your life. What are the things you’re thankful for? This could range from your health, family, and friends to your career achievements. Acknowledging these can shift your perspective from what you don’t have to what you do.

Celebrate Others’ Success: Instead of feeling envious, try to feel happy for others’ achievements. This positive outlook can bring a sense of community and shared joy rather than isolation and bitterness.

Set Realistic Goals: Sometimes, we set lofty goals that are more about outshining others than fulfilling our needs. Setting achievable personal goals keeps our focus inward and helps us derive satisfaction from our progress.

The Joy of Letting Go

Letting go of jealousy is akin to unburdening oneself. It’s about releasing the heavy load of comparison and competition we often carry unconsciously. When we choose gratitude, we celebrate our unique journey, embrace our victories, and learn from our setbacks.

As we navigate life, let’s remind ourselves of our choices. 

We can either get bogged down by jealousy or rise through gratitude. 

Choosing the latter enhances our well-being and contributes to a more positive and supportive environment.

I am grateful for each one of you reading this. 

I sincerely appreciate your time and engagement with these thoughts. 

May we all strive to replace jealousy with gratitude and journey towards true joy.

Five Transformative Tips for Men and Women Over 55

If you’re over 55, you’re navigating a time of life that’s as challenging as rewarding. 
It’s a period for breaking free from past roles and embracing a world of freedom and opportunity.
But it’s also a time for shedding old habits and stereotypes. 
Let’s discuss five key things men and women should stop doing to make the most of these enriching years.

1. Stop Being a People Pleaser

Many of us have focused on pleasing others, whether in our careers or personal lives. Now, it’s essential to prioritize your joy and aspirations. It’s about finding a balance between caring for others and honoring your own needs and desires. This is your moment to live life according to your standards.

2. Let Go of Living in the Past

Our past experiences shape us, but dwelling on them can hinder our enjoyment of the present and our anticipation of the future. Embrace the present and remain curious about new opportunities and experiences. Remember, your Past has shaped you, but it doesn’t confine your future.

3. Stop Putting Yourself Down

Now is the time to discard self-doubt and negative self-perceptions. Societal metrics of success or beauty do not define you. Embrace your journey, complete with its imperfections. Every step has contributed to who you are. Celebrate your life and all your achievements.

4. Embrace Change, Don’t Fear It

Change is inevitable, especially as we get older. Embracing changes in our bodies, lifestyles, and the world can be empowering. Change leads to growth, new experiences, and opportunities. Accept and flourish in this dynamic journey of life.

5. Get Control of Your Brain: Stop Overthinking

Excessive worry and overthinking can bring undue stress. Aim to live in the moment and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Understand that some things are outside your control, and that’s perfectly fine. Learning to flow with life’s changes can lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable existence.

So, friends at The Wellings, what are your thoughts?
Are there other habits or attitudes you think we should shed as we journey through our 60s and beyond? 
Your insights and experiences are invaluable, so please share them with us. 
Let’s continue this conversation and explore how we can age stronger and more vibrantly together.

As we share our stories and wisdom, we realize that aging isn’t something we do alone – it’s a journey we embark on together. 
By exchanging ideas and supporting one another, we create a stronger and more resilient community. 
Your contributions, whether life lessons, tips for staying active, or ways to keep our minds sharp, enrich our collective experience.
Thank you for considering these ideas. 
Have a beautiful day. 


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