So you recognize, it’s time to change a few things in your diet and fitness level and want to know where to start…

Are you asking yourself some of these questions?

I know my energy level is decreasing, what can I do?

  • Eat smaller meals, snacking or grazing more often throughout the day. Add protein, a boiled egg, a bowl of oatmeal, nuts, seeds, and good fats, a slice of avocado, a spoonful of coconut oil in your morning coffee.
  • Get moving, a few jumping jacks will increase your heart rate. Next a few arm circles: extend your arms, shoulder height and do a few arm circles, five forward and five backward. Smaller at first and larger circles.  Staying active: Go for a walk around your landscaped grounds enjoy the water feature and stroll along the walking trail through Poole Creek to explore. Listen with your ears. Notice what sounds you hear, birds singing, planes overhead, people laughing, music playing, leaves swaying in the trees. Memory recall think of something or somewhere or someone the last time you heard that particular sound.
  • February is heart health month, learn to love yourself, wrap your arms around yourself and give you a great big heartfelt hug. Trees emit energy so hug a tree & feel energized.  Look at yourself in a mirror, make eye contact and tell yourself how much you love you!

I want to live a vibrant and healthy life for as long as possible, what do I do now? Answer: Just start

  • Is it ever too late to start? The answer is no it’s never too late to begin to live vibrantly.  Look around you there are remarkable adults 55+ doing some amazing things and they didn’t start them until after their elite years. Light yoga, a stretch class, walking, exercise do something every day to keep moving or your body will seize up. Keep your mind active too! Try puzzles, sudoku, scrabble, yahtzee. And keep your spirit vibrant too try meditation, affirmations, deep breathing, a new hobby or joyful experience to add vitality.

I don’t want to focus on what I eat all the time, what are some tips I can start using now?

Some supplements we recommend for boosting energy and adding nutrients to your diet include: BioSteel greens as simple as adding a tablespoon to 250ml/1 cup of water can add 6-8 servings of vegetables to your diet. So the answer is yes you can drink your vegetables.

Deep breathing – this is another simple solution to change your mood, boost your energy and increase your vitality.

Sit quietly, feet firmly on the ground, sit up straight and tall, take a deep breath in, and imagine the word Live as you inhale, exhale the word Live, then imagine the word Live going up through your body and out the top of your head.

Your lungs will thank you for the deep breathing break.

Just breathe

The Science of Wellness, Eat. Live. Love ~ Susan Stephen

Susan Stephen

Susan Stephen is the Vice President of Living Science Wellness Centre located in Stittsville. A Mind Body Spirit & Business Coach, UFH Unity Field Healing Practitioner, Relational Clearing Practitioner and a Business Transformation Advisor. To connect with Susan and her team: https://livingscience.ca/


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