Updating your Will from time to time is important, especially as the world becomes more and more digital. This month Marci looks at some of the components that should be included when it comes to your estate planning and Will.

Five Items Often Overlooked in a Will

Written By: Marci Perreault
KenMar Financial Services

Loyalty programs

Each loyalty program has its own rules about whether points can be transferred to a beneficiary, so check your programs’ policies. When allowed, list the loyalty program in your will and name the beneficiary of the points. Also, provide your executor with each loyalty program’s login information.

Digital assets

In your will, you can grant access, provide instructions, or name beneficiaries for a range of online accounts and property. Such items may include bank and investment accounts, automatic bill payments and subscriptions, personal or business websites, photo or video collections, social media accounts, or a cryptocurrency wallet.

Pet care

If you have a friend or family member who will take care of your pet, you can name them in your will to become the pet’s new owner. Also, in the will, you can leave this person funds to cover pet insurance, food, and other costs.


Are you the sole subscriber of a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)? On your passing, the default is that the grant money is repaid to the government and the remaining assets become part of your estate. A solution is to name a successor subscriber in your will. The successor subscriber can maintain the RESP for your child or grandchild.

Special possessions

Some possessions get left out of a will because their value is primarily sentimental, not financial. However, many items—even a fishing rod or a pasta maker—could remind your child of a special bond you shared.


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