In the quiet, picturesque town of Cape Cod, a group of senior women were on a mission to find something meaningful to do. 

They had spent their lives raising families, building careers, and contributing to their communities. 

Now, in their golden years, they sought a new purpose, something that would bring them together and make a difference. 

It all started with Susan Baur, a spirited 84-year-old with a passion for swimming and a keen eye for the environment. 

During one of her daily swims, Susan noticed the increasing amount of trash littering the bottom of the ponds she loved so much. 

Disturbed by the pollution, she wondered if there was a way to make a difference.

Susan shared her concerns with her friends, a group of like-minded women over the age of 64. 

They were all looking for a new way to stay active and engaged. Inspired by Susan’s idea, they formed a group dedicated to cleaning up the underwater garbage in their local ponds.

The group started small, with just seven members. They called themselves the Cape Cod Cleaners and set out to make a difference. Each member had to pass a swim test, proving they could swim a mile in about half an hour—a testament to their dedication and physical fitness.

The women embarked on their underwater missions in pairs, always accompanied by a kayaker for safety. They explored various ponds across Cape Cod, uncovering treasures and trash alike. From century-old bottles to modern plastic bottles and vaping pens, their discoveries told a story of the changing times and the ongoing battle against pollution.

The Cape Cod Cleaners’ primary objective was to keep the ponds clear of underwater garbage, mainly plastic, to safeguard the environment. But the group quickly became much more than a cleanup club. It was a testament to the power of collective action and purpose-driven initiatives.

Marci Johnson, one of the group’s members, found solace in these underwater missions during her battle with breast cancer. The serene quiet of the underwater environment provided peace and helped heal the aftershocks of her illness. The group’s camaraderie and shared sense of purpose brought joy and laughter into their lives.

Word of the Cape Cod Cleaners’ efforts spread, and the group grew from seven to 23 members within just a year. Inspired by the group’s dedication and success, women across Cape Cod wanted to join the cause.

These incredible women have shown that making a difference is possible and incredibly rewarding. 

Dive in, join the fun, and discover the joy of purposeful living—no matter how many candles are on your birthday cake.


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